Here is the information for  all electives in the Technologies Department.

Year 9 eCreation
In e-Creation, you will produce innovative digital solutions to problems. You will start by deconstructing the thinking behind an escape room before creating one in small groups. You will also expand your skills by developing a product which may include, but is not limited to 3D printing, gaming, wearable technology, or app creation. You will use a variety of software to develop the skills you need to be successful in these projects.


Year 9 Graphics
In Graphics you will explore your creativity with technology.You will work on various digital projects including illustrations, animations and interactive technologies.Through various programs, you develop the skills needed to be successful in these projects.Products such as  Adobe Illustrator,  Animate and Character Animator will be taught, so a background in these is not essential.
Year 9 Funky Photography and Popular Television


Unit Overview: A focus on reality television, studio and location photography. This unit will explore the way we edit and alter to create content that we perceive as “real”. From popular reality television shows, Tik Tok and Instagram influencers, we will explore the way in which their so-called “non-fiction” content has resonated with contemporary audiences. This unit will enable students to deconstruct the ‘non-fiction’ conventions of the reality television and social media formats.

Production Focus: Students further build on their production skills in the creation of their own engaging reality television inspired narratives through the use of ‘realist’ camera skills and the application of complex editing skills, in particular, editing to encourage audience engagement. Students are introduced to Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and lightroom for editing their production work, as well as filming and capturing images with a selection of manual DSLR Camera settings.