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The Careers and Enterprise General Course aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to be enterprising and proactively manage their own careers. Work, including unpaid voluntary work, is fundamentally important in defining the way we live, relate to others and in determining the opportunities we have throughout life.
The world of work is complex and constantly changing. The course recognises that work both reflects and shapes the culture and values of our society.

In this course we will use the students’ formal and informal work experiences, cultural backgrounds and values are the starting point for the teaching and learning programme and assessment tasks. (For some students work placements will run concurrently with this course. This is not mandatory.)

Careers and Enterprise – Year 11 General

Unit 1 

The focus is the exploration of all aspects of work and networks. Students will learn that positive self-esteem and self-management are required to access work opportunities and acquire the skills to build careers. Means of dealing with challenging and unexpected events in the school to work transition and in their subsequent careers are explored, including models for decision-making. Communication skills to enable effective communication in a specific work environment are practiced; including the use of language appropriate to specific situation and work contexts. Strategies to manage workload, including time management and setting of priorities are taught. The meaning of entrepreneurial behaviours and initiative are examined, for example, the value of appropriate risk taking in the workplace, even as simply as giving an opinion in a meeting.

Unit 2

The focus of the unit is entry-level work readiness. Students learn about the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in an industry area of their choice. The students will complete a Work Safe General Module and develop a Career Portfolio. This will include a resume, evidence of skills and expertise, evidence of work history and their goals.

Careers and Enterprise – Year 12 General

Unit 3

This unit focuses on a proactive approach to securing and maintaining work. Opportunities are provided for students to further develop their repertoire of career competencies and work search techniques that are directly applicable to this. Career Portfolios are presented in a professional manner and contain detailed records of work, training and learning experiences. Job interviews (simulated) and the writing of application letters will be engaged in.

Unit 4

This unit explores issues associated with career management and the impact of change on workplaces and the labour market. The notions of responding to change, retraining, and updating skills to maintain an edge are examined. Similarly, tools for managing personal finances are accessed and utilised. Job search strategies ore covered, from cold canvassing to innovative contemporary strategies such as You Tube promotion.