Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies – General

Aboriginal histories and cultures are fundamental to the development of Australian identity and the formation of contemporary Australian society and as such are a focus of this course.

Unit 1  – Year 11

The focus for this unit is leadership in different cultures. This includes leadership roles within the family and the community. The students explore the lives and contribution of Aboriginal leaders of the past and contemporary leaders, including champions of the struggle for civil rights in Australia. They also explore the contribution in the arts and sport of leading Aboriginal figures. When exploring social change, the empowerment of people, and issues of sustainability and environmental protection, examples are drawn from other countries.

Unit 2  – Year 11

In this unit, students explore the ways culture is expressed through the arts and how this cultural expression has changed over time. The contribution of Aboriginal cultures to Australian identity through the visual arts, dance, drama, literature and/or music is explored. The role of the arts in the empowerment of First Nations peoples and the maintenance of cultural values and attitudes draws on examples from Australia and other countries.

Unit 3 – Year 12

The focus for this unit is the relationship Indigenous Peoples in Australia and other countries have with the environment. Within this broad area, students investigate Aboriginal Peoples’ knowledge of the past and the present. Students investigate changes in technology, adaptation to the environment and social structures. Students explore how cultures incorporate change while maintaining continuity of tradition with respect to the environment.

Unit 4 – Year 12

The focus for this unit is cultural interaction and resilience. Students explore how cultural change results from a range of factors and commonly involves interaction between different cultures. They investigate the ways individuals and groups show cultural resilience as they seek to maintain their cultural identity. Students also explore the interactions between cultures with different world views, how they respond to one another, and how they each maintain continuity.