There are three basic ways of engaging in a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course while at PLC.

Year 11 students enrolled in a General WACE course are interviewed for a Work Place Learning (ADWPL) placement, and attend work each day of the two exam block periods in the year. This develops the students work readiness and transferable skills, while also being credited towards their WACE as an Authority Developed Endorsed Unit(s).

In Year 12, the students usually continue with some Work Placements in the exam blocks, but the more significant part of their VET program is enrollment in a VET qualification. These courses are offered in partnership with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and numerous TAFES. The advantages of the mandatory VET pathway for General Students are numerous. Not only does the student gain a nationally recognised qualification (Australian Qualification Framework), which is a springboard to higher qualifications in either the TAFE or university sectors, and or employment but also a high degree of resilience and maturity as they are managing their school based and off campus commitments.

The other approach is for a student to enroll in a School Based Traineeship (SBT), which combines ADWPL and the relevant VET qualification over the two years. All VET girls are supported throughout Years 11 and 12 in the three models by staff overseeing their work load, academic progress and general well being. We celebrate their achievements in the field, as their destinations are diverse and fascinating after graduation.

Year 11 and 12 externally provided VET Certificate Courses

TAFEs and other RTOs deliver either face to face or online Certificate courses.  Face to face delivery usually involves one day a week off campus to attend TAFE.  The courses may take one or two years to complete.  Applications for courses needs to be considered during Year 10 or 11 (for the following year) as both North Metropolitan and South Metropolitan TAFE open applications in August and close in September.  For “Profile Courses” (fully funded courses) entry is highly competitive.  Other courses are offered on a “fee for service” arrangement and these will vary in cost.

Some examples of Certificate courses PLC students have engaged with include:

  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology (College of Electrial Training)
  • Certticate II in Sampling and Measurement (North Metro TAFE)
  • Certificate II in Customer Engagement (Fremantle Education Centre)
  • Certificate III in Events (South Metro TAFE)
  • Certificate III in Makeup (North Metro TAFE)
  • Certificate III in Animal Studies online (Applied Vocational Training)
  • Certificate IV in Preparation for Health and Nursing Studies online (Central Regional TAFE)
  • Certificate IV in Business (Fremantle Education Centre)
  • Certificate IV in Community Services (Fremantle Education Centre)
  • Certificate IV in Education Support (Fremantle Education Centre)

The following courses are offered to Year 11 students and are delivered (at Scotch College) as part of the timetable.






Music Industry