Year 10  Content  Design Project 
MDT Textiles


3 terms

(*prior experience preferred but not compulsory)

Master Course: “A Cut Above”

The focus of this unit is on creating clothing for yourself that is a cut above the rest. Clothing  not only look better but also  fit better. Styles will not be restricted by colour or fashion trends you do not like.

This course is designed for students with skills and knowledge gained during years 7,8 and 9, to build on those skills whilst still catering for those who are less experienced. Students will study fashion trends and eras of fashion in order to create a unique outfit for themselves.

Designs will be created to suit a client’s needs and students will learn to present rapid fire sketches and storyboards to showcase their ideas.

They will use a range of materials, recycled items of clothing, machines and skills, to cut patterns and construct and evaluate the items they make.


An outfit featuring a decorative technique

 Decorative Techniques

  • Hand embroidery
  • Appliqué
  • Free hand machine embroidery
  • Beading
  • Sewing with coke cans

Year 10 MDT Textiles

Semester Course: Creative solutions


Term Unit (12-14 weeks)

(*No prior experience necessary)

Leisure Wear with Flair

The focus of this course is on creating fashionable leisure clothing.

This course is designed to build new skills while still catering for students less familiar with the studio. Students will design and create a fashionable 2 piece leisure wear outfit for themselves.

They will complete a fun skills project which will culminate in making a useful item for themselves.

Outfits can include a recycled component as well as the construction of a new garment.

Individuality is encouraged.


  • “Winter Warmers” Design and create a comfortable and stylish leisure outfit
  • “Beat the Heat”- Design and create the perfect Summer outfit for the beach, shopping or engaging with friends.