Year 10  Content  Studio Project
Year 10 Visual Art
Semester One Unit Drawing & Sculpture
Semester One Unit

This is a dynamic and stimulating course which progressively builds skills and competence in art practice.

Students will gain inspiration through the exploration of the theme Endangered Species. Students will consider the fragility and vulnerability of natural world and endangered species.


A study of contemporary artists and artworks, that work with unconventional materials, will provide stimulus for ideas and art making.


A combination of drawing, textiles and sculptural forms will be explored in the development of a body of work and resolved sculptural artwork. 

Drawing and Sculpture

Students will develop drawing skills using a range of creative mediums such as charcoal, coloured chalks and ink.

Students will explore innovative techniques to manipulate materials, creating an original sculptural form that expresses the vulnerability of an endangered animal.


Year 10  Content  Studio Project 
Year 10 Visual Art
Semester Two Unit Drawing and Painting   


Semester Two Unit


This is a dynamic and stimulating course which progressively builds skills and competence in art practice. By developing an appreciation of the art world, students acquire skills to produce contemporary art work.

Students will be inspired by the painting techniques of a range of artists such as Salvador Dali, Robert Juniper, Vincent Van Gogh, David Hockney, Sally Morgan, Tim Storrier and Judith Bergerson.


Drawing and Painting


Students will explore a range of creative media including collage, painting, drawing and writing to express a response to different environments.

Students will investigate a range of different painting techniques and mediums to express personal stories and experiences that relate to the landscapes and a Sense of Place.

Students will create a contemporary landscape oil painting that expresses a ‘Sense of Place’.


Year 10  Content  Studio Project 
Year 10 Visual Arts 

Master Course

(3 Terms) 



Year Long Units

The year long units have been designed to develop and refine student’s skills in a range of studio areas. This will include exploration into 2D and 3D studio areas, with opportunities to combine them. Students will engage in viewing art in real life through excursions to relevant exhibitions.

Students will develop a sophisticated understanding of the arts throughout history and within contemporary society.

The course is designed to prepare you, and as a pathway for ATAR or General 11&12 and Diploma Year 1 & 2 Visual Art courses

  • Students will engage in drawing, painting and sculptural technique skill building.
  • The two main projects are given more time so that students can explore their own ideas and have more time to refine their technical skills
  • They will conceptually explore ideas that could include concepts such as; identity and portraiture, metamorphosis, a sense of place and collections
  • Emphasis is placed on developing a rich body of visual and theoretical investigations within their Art Journal. This is how many professional artists develop their ideas and explore techniques.
  • The course will help students to develop independent inquiry skills and give more autonomy in the exploration of their own personal style and techniques

You may attend excursions to relevant exhibitions like; Sculpture by the Sea, contemporary galleries such as the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, AGWA and PICA, in the city.

Project Description

3D ART Forms

This could include a range of mixed media assemblage, clay sculpture and wearable art.


2D ART Forms

This will include a range of drawing and painting art forms