Year 9  – Semester Units Content  Design Project 
Creative Solutions 

Semester Units 

(*No prior experience necessary) 


Light up my life! 

The aim is to provide opportunities for the students to develop existing skills & knowledge and explore their own creativity with a focus on designing for a purpose. 

This will include using a range of materials, tools and machines, and practical skills, to produce practical projects with various materials.

The students will also be to using the “design process” in which they will develop a design brief and a design project.

The brief requires that they seek a “client’s” requirements; explore existing products; development of design ideas using sketches & drawings; select appropriate materials; practical production of their own design & reflection. 

Create a project that will be attractive and illuminate an area in a home setting. It must be free standing, not able to be tipped easily.

Made from the materials made available by your teacher or found materials. Size is limited to a desk or bedside table. 


  • Desk lamp
  • Small stool
  • Wood turning (wooden pens)