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When is Lighthouse Leavers?

Friday is Lighthouse Leavers’ Day. Every Friday after lunch the Lighthouse Leavers program will be conducted, and also Friday P1 in week B. This program is compulsory for all students in years 11 and 12. Attendance will be taken in each class and absences will be followed up. Lighthouse Leavers will begin week 1 of term 4, 2019.


What courses can I choose from?

A large variety of courses will be offered throughout years 11 and 12, with the options changing each term. The courses offered are based on student preference, staffing availability and school needs. There are minimum requirements for students to ensure they are completing a breadth of study and also to encourage them to try a wide variety of courses.


Minimum requirements to be completed each year:

  • 10 sessions of PRS based lessons (colour coded in red on the program overview)
  • 10 sessions of Lighthouse Essentials courses (colour coded in yellow on the program overview)
  • 20 hours of Physical Activity, this can include PLC based sport from outside of school hours. (Colour coded in green on the program overview)

Some courses may have a cost involved such as the Bronze Medallion, CPR, Food prep. Students may participate in these courses without paying the fee but will not get a certification (or in the case of food prep will not be able to participate fully in all the activities).