Dimensions of Health When & What? Programme Courses  Course Selection Form

Uni Prep

Pass or fail? Which one do you prefer?
Be prepared for a scholarly life at uni.


Nutrition course 

In this LHL course you will explore the link between food and mood through a diary,
learn about good nutrition (and the link between nutrition and mental health),
develop a meal plan, and learn to cook a healthy recipe.


Sexual health

Sexual health is not only about physical wellbeing. It includes the right to healthy and respectful relationships and health services. Sexual health isn’t a topic to be afraid of, the more we discuss and talk the less intimidating it becomes! If this is something you’d like to learn about in a carefree, non-judgemental environment then this course is for you!


Card Making

This course will teach you the art of card making including, the basic techniques needed to make cards; cutting, gluing and embellishing.

Across this unit students will discuss the benefits of mindfulness and how we can care about ourselves and others, how we can give of ourselves by making gifts for others. Participants will also be looking at different sources for the materials needed to make cards and how they can use a hobby like card making to make some money.


Helping Hands

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

This course provides the opportunity for our senior pupils to read, help, play, mentor and complete activities or projects with the youngest children of the PLC community. Based on research and philosophies introduced through programmes such as ‘Better Buddies’ and ‘Leader in Me’, this Lighthouse Leaver’s initiative is intended to allow older students the opportunity to work with and inspire their youngest peers in the PLC community. It is a framework which will allow the girls to further engage in the school culture, to feel a sense of belonging and purpose and to enjoy the stimulating opportunities that arise when working with primary aged pupils.


Board Games

Bring along your favourite board game and play with your friends. Why? Playing board games brings people together, both in a competitive and cooperative way. Board games are fun to play and make you feel good through laughter and this, in turn, increases our feelings of happiness. Playing board games keeps your mind engaged by exercising it and building it stronger. Playing board games also helps to develop logic and reasoning skills, improve critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning. Playing board games improves a person’s ability to concentrate and focus for a longer period of time.





This course is compulsory for people who work with Mrs Panshini or Mrs Hanbidge in the LEC. Students applying for exam considerations as part of WACE or IB must select this course at least once.


English Support

Students will be selected for this course by the English department. If you have been advised by the English department that you are in this course, then you need to select it at least once.


General Phys Ed

Do you miss the old style phys ed? This class is going back to the old ways. General sport games with plenty of movement and music. In this class we will be doing one sport each week and the choices of sport can be yours. If you want to play for fun or go sweat mode this is the option for you.


PRS – Y12 Becoming

In these lessons we will explore how humanity gets it so wrong sometimes. Are we mere members of an audience looking in on the theatre of life, or could we be involved in changing the script? What is reality in a world that is all about perception? If you had the choice: would you pick the blue pill or the red pill?



PRS – Y11 The Good life

In these lessons we will explore what happiness is, what drives us to be happy, and what influences our happiness. Is it an ongoing grasp for pleasure? Or is it more restrained in moving to a simpler point of view? What happens to our happiness when we compare what we have with others? Hopefully, we will find out how to live a good life!





Lighthouse Essentials – Soar – West Coast Eagles wellbeing programme

The Soar Wellbeing Series for Girls will be delivered by the AFLW players and staff from the West Coast Eagles female academy. The objective of the program is to promote healthy attitudes and practices that will improve students understanding of key performance issues for girls in sport.


Lighthouse Essentials – Aromatherapy

This course will allow students to explore essential oils and how they can promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. They also enhance both physical and emotional health.


Podcasting – Radio PLC

During this session you will learn how to use state of the art industry standard equipment and software both on your Laptops as well as the equipment in the Radio PLC studio. Throughout this course you will develop microphone skills, basic recording set-ups, interview skills as well as editing skills as you learn how to design, create and then broadcast your own podcasts.


Social Tennis

Bring your racket (or borrow one of ours), put your name on the board and enjoy some social games of tennis here at the PLC courts. The sessions will be run as a social club day, rounds of games playing to a set time. There is the scope for some coaching tips for those that want it, otherwise it’s play and laugh with your friends.


A Novel Bunch

An opportunity to form a PLC book club where readers can come together to share, talk about and discuss different books they’re reading or have read. This Book Club will also create an environment where you can enjoy your reading experience with trips down to the river, walks to nearby parks or coffee stops in nearby cafes to find the perfect quiet space. An opportunity to switch off – all you need to do is bring yourself and a book!


Lighthouse Essentials – Mindful Colouring

Needing some time to relax and re-centre yourself? Then mindful colouring may be for you. Mindful colouring has been found to relieve stress, exercise your mind, create a positive mind set, reduce anxiety and soothe your soul. So if you need some time out of your busy schedule to wind down and be creative, then this is for you!



Finish your week off with a fitness session in the Lighthouse. There will be a range of cardio and circuit style exercise programs available for you.



Lighthouse Essentials – Sexual Health

Come along and have some open and frank discussions about the big issues facing youth sexual health.


Clean Sport 101

In this course, you will complete online modules and have a basic understanding of clean, fair sport, and why it is important and know what resources are available to help you support clean, fair sport. You will be provided access on current information related to healthy lifestyle choices, look at the anti-doping and integrity issues, ‘Food First’ nutritional messaging; the dangers of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs); the risks of supplement use; the Doping Control Process; and details around the rights and responsibilities everyone involved in sport should know. Furthermore, the content is vitally important for all students that are in school sporting teams and sporting pathways, as they need to understand the anti-doping rules that apply to them and know of the risks that surround those rules and the consequences of breaking the rules.