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What is Lighthouse Leavers?

We work hard to prepare our students and see them mature to prepare themselves for the future. The Lighthouse Leavers initiative stems from our commitment to our vision of Inspiring Lifelong Wellbeing.  We pride ourselves on preparing our students to ‘feel good, function well and do good for others’.

Using a Self-Determination Theory framework, we believe students in years 11 and 12 at PLC should be responsible for their own learning and as such we have incorporated choice into this programme. By giving students ownership over the courses they take and the time they choose to spend on different activities they will develop enhanced mental wellbeing and an increased sense of being ready to leave school and function as a mature adult.

This programme aims to support students’ capacity in the following areas:

  • Autonomous motivation– students are autonomously motivated when they do things because they find them intrinsically interesting or satisfying.
  • Belonging– students may experience belonging as they will form groups working on common goals and also partner with PLC staff and community organisations.
  • Relationships– students will have the opportunity to experience positive relationships, build trust, rely on and care for others.
  • Autonomy– students will experience autonomy as the courses are self-chosen and self-concordant (authentic), rather than imposed or controlled by others.
  • Competence– students experience competence as they will be able to complete a series of courses and challenge themselves to develop competence in areas important to them.

Source: University of Melbourne, 2017