The subjects comprising Group 3, Individuals and Societies are History , Economics and Geography. They aim to:

  • Encourage the systematic and critical study of: human experience and behaviour; physical, economic and social environments; the history and development of social and cultural institutions .
  • Develop in the student the capacity to identify, to analyse critically and to evaluate theories, concepts and arguments about the nature and activities of the individual and society.
  • Enable the student to collect, describe and analyse data used in studies of society, to test hypotheses and interpret complex data and source material.
  • Promote the appreciation of the way in which learning is relevant to both the culture in which the student lives, and the culture of other societies .
  • Develop an awareness in the student that human attitudes and opinions are widely diverse and that a study of society requires an appreciation of such diversity.
  • Enable the student to recognise that the content and methodologies of the subjects in group 3 are contestable and that their study requires the toleration of uncertainty.