Chemistry students at Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) undertake a common core syllabus, a common internal assessment (IA) scheme and have some overlapping elements in the options studied. They are presented with a syllabus that encourages the development of certain skills, attributes and attitudes, as described in the “Aims” and “Objectives” section of this guide.

While the skills and activities of Group 4 science subjects are common to students at both SL and HL, HL students are required to study topics in greater depth containing material of a more demanding nature. The distinction between SL and HL is one of breadth and depth.Students at both SL and HL study one option. Currently this is the topic Biochemistry. Students at SL are required to spend 40 hours, and students at HL 60 hours, on practical/investigative work. This includes 10 hours for the Group 4 project.

Purpose of Course 

The Chemistry course will develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. Developing a knowledge and understanding of the world at the molecular level and the impact of Chemistry in their everyday lives, in both local and global contexts, will provide students with many transferable skills, described in the “Aims” and “Objective” sections of this guide.

Wherever appropriate, the course will draw upon environmental and technological contexts and identify the social, moral and economic effects of science that will make the study accessible and relevant to all students. The Chemistry course will provide students with a high level of skills that will enable them to proceed to tertiary level study of Science courses.


Students intending on proceeding with Standard Level Chemistry should be working towards obtaining a minimum of 60% average in Year 10 Chemistry. Students intending on proceeding with Higher Level Chemistry should be working towards obtaining a minimum average of 65% in Year 10 Chemistry. Students should also be competent in Science Investigation Skills.

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