communitytourheaderThe Business management programme offered, is a challenging and dynamic discipline in the individuals and societies sector. The role of businesses is to produce and sell goods and services that meet human needs and wants by organizing resources. Profitability, forward thinking and sustaining successful business operations in a competitive landscape characterizes most business organizations.


Aims and Objectives

The course allows students to develop their understanding of interdisciplinary concepts from a business management perspective via the exploration of six concepts underpinning the subject. (Change, Culture, Ethics, Globalization, Innovation and Strategy).

Business management studies business functions, management processes and decision-making in contemporary contexts of strategic uncertainty. It analyses how business decisions influence and impact upon its stakeholders, both internally and externally. Business management also explores how individuals and groups interact within an organization, how they may be successfully managed and how they can ethically optimize the use of resources in a world with increasing scarcity and concern for sustainability. Business management therefore aims to develop the students’ appreciation both for our individuality and our collective purposes.

The Diploma Programme business management course is designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of business management theories. Students learn to analyse, discuss and evaluate business activities at local, national and international levels.

The course covers a range of organizations from all sectors, as well as the socio-cultural and economic contexts in which those organizations operate. Emphasis is placed on strategic decision-making and the operational business functions of human resource management, finance and accounts, marketing and operations management. Links between the topics are central to the course, as this integration promotes a holistic overview of business management.

The Business management programme offered allows students to reach beyond the classroom and their immediate school community to build intellectual and practical connections to the wider society.

Standard Level Assessments

  • Portfolio 20%
  • Examination 80%

Higher Level Assessments

  • Portfolio 20%
  • Examination 80%


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