YEAR 10 (Semester Unit)  Bistro PLC
Reality food programs have become extremely The PLC “Bake Off” Challenge popular and have increased community appetite for and awareness of baking.

Students will learn tips and techniques to make various types of cakes, e.g. sponges, types of pastry, beginner icing and decorating.

They will investigate different baking methods and presentation techniques.

Find recipes that demonstrate their skills.

Create and present a delicious baked product



Travel the world with your tastebuds!

Students will investigate and discover food from around the world that has enriched  Australian contemporary cuisine. In pairs, students will choose their favourite country and practice several recipes, honing their practical skills. At the end of the unit, students will feel confident to teach their speciality to their peers.


YEAR 10 (Master course)  Best Bites Beyond the Plate
Paddock to plate

Discovering the source of fresh ingredients and focusing on creating seasonal cuisine.


Have a heart

A food rescue programme in which food that would have been discarded is salvaged to create tasty meals and distributed to those in need.


High tea

Plan, prepare and serve a high tea for invited guests.



A series of guest chefs will come to the school and demonstrate their different culinary styles and specialities. Experience the fun of the “Invention Test” and the thrill of “Keeping Up With The Chef”.


Deja Brew!

Barista training in which students will be taught how to prepare a variety of different coffees and simulate running a small café.