The Applied Information Technology General course provides students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills of digital technologies. It also encourages students to use digital technologies in a responsible and informed manner.


Year 11

Unit 1 – Personal communication

The focus of this unit is to enable students to use technology to meet personal needs. Students develop a range of skills that enable them to communicate using appropriate technologies and to gain knowledge that assists in communicating within a personal context.

Unit 2 – Working with others

The focus of this unit is to enable students to use a variety of technologies to investigate managing data, common software applications and wireless network components required to effectively operate within a small business environment. They examine the legal, ethical and social impacts of technology within society.


Year 12

Unit 3 – Media information and communication technologies

The emphasis of this unit is on the use of digital technologies to create and manipulate digital media. Students use a range of applications to create visual and audio communications. They examine trends in digital media transmissions and implications arising from the use of these technologies.

Unit 4 – Digital technologies in business

The emphasis of this unit is on the skills, principles and practices associated with various types of documents and communications. Students identify the components and configuration of networks to meet the needs of a business. Students design digital solutions for clients, being mindful of the various impacts of technologies within legal, ethical and social boundaries.