Learning Hub (Years 3-6)

Day: Monday WK 2-10
Time: 3.30 pm (1 hour 30 mins)
Venue: Junior School Library
Cost: No charge

Homework club in the Junior School Library, supported by tutors. Please see Junior School Reception to register.



Gardening@PLC (Pre-primary – Year 6)

Day: Wednesday WK 1-10
Time: 7.30 am (45 mins)
Venue: Summer’s House Junior School
Cost: No charge

We will work in the outdoor classroom in the Permaculture Garden and plant an edible garden following the principles from The Stephanie Alexander Programme. We will also create a garden in the Sensory Garden for the well-being of all students.

Students should bring a hat and sunscreen. Students will be walked to class on completion of the session.



Mandarin (Pre-Primary – Year 2)

Day: Wednesday WK 1-10
Time: 7:45 am (30 mins)
Venue: Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
Cost: No charge

The Junior school Co-curricular Mandarin programme is a wonderful opportunity to spark students curiosity and enthusiasm to experience Mandarin and Chinese culture. The programme will be run by Ms Jia Liao, the PLC Junior School Mandarin teacher. She is a native Chinese speaker and a professional Mandarin teacher with about ten years teaching experience.

The programme focuses on conversation and communication skills. Classes will be delivered in a fun and interactive environment. It is suitable for total beginners or students with very limited Mandarin learning experience.



Tournament of Minds (TOM) (Years 3 – 4)

Day: Wednesday WK 1-9
Time: 3:30 pm (60 mins)
Venue: JS venue to be confirmed
Cost: $50

TOM offers teams of students the opportunity to solve authentic, open-ended challenges that foster creative, divergent thinking whilst developing collaborative enterprise, excellence and teamwork.

Challenges are set in the following disciplines… The Arts, Language Literature, Social Sciences and STEM. Find out more…



Coding: Bits (Years 5-6)

Day: Thursday WK 1-9
Time: 7:30 am (60 mins)
Venue: JS Library & Innovation Centre – Imagination Room
Cost: no charge

Come and learn how to program the BBC Micro:Bit for an exciting project!



World Scholar’s Cup (Year 6)

Day: Thursday WK 1-10
Time: 7.15 am (60 mins)
Venue: JS Learning Enrichment Centre
Cost: No charge

A rigorous academic challenge for students in Year 6 (and beyond) based on the theme, ‘A World on the Margins’.


Debating (Years 4-6)
Day: Thursday WK 2-10
Time: 3:30 pm (60 mins)
Venue: JS Library & Innovation Centre
Cost: $150

  • Have fun and achieve more in a team
  • Find out about the world through your topic
  • Learn to create an introduction, signpost your team’s ideas
  • Think and question – develop a debating point
  • Begin rebuttal, make a conclusion
  • Use your talents-Humour? Teamwork? Explaining things?

ENROL in Debating


Tech Girls (Years 3-4)

Day: Friday WK 1-9
Time: 7.30 am (60 mins)
Venue: JS Library & Innovation Centre – Imagination Room
Cost: $50

Come and join us to see if we can be the next Tech Girl Superhero. Enter the competition in our group to identify a problem in our local community that we can solve. Then research and document a solution in a business plan, build a working app prototype and pitch it in a public video. Cost of the activity is put towards the entry into the Tech Girls are Superhero’s competition. For more information please visit:


Da Vinci Decathlon (Years 5-6)

Day: Friday WK 1-9
Time: 7:15 am (1 hour)
Venue: Summers House
Cost: No charge

An international competition comprising ten challenges in different academic areas. Teams of eight compete based on a given theme.

Visit the Learning Enrichment webpage for the Junior School Academic Competition Calendar


Download the overall Junior School Co-curricular Timetable Term 2 2019